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A marketing and strategic business analysis of the ubiquitously-used yet elusive concept of “cool” and its consumer culture implications


Journals, research papers and books for this:

The Tutor says the INDIVIDUAL REPORT is not a dissertaion and expects the student to find and use about 30 to 40 published research papers (that include data) to review. They must be of a good quality. The report must convey good justification for the choice of the topic (e.g. why is this topic of interest). There needs to be justification for a literature review (e.g. why does this body of research require a review?). The tutor says that it is important that the topic is something special, relevant and not widely written about BUT there must be sufficient EMPIRICAL papers (i.e. research papers with data) of sufficient quality to support a review.

IMPORTANT: This report is for MARKETING DEGREE, and so it needs to related to MARKETING THEORY. It needs to show good understanding of published research, ability to understand and evaluate data, and the ability to discuss the data and research using critical thinking skills which relate to marketing theory.

The tutor wants the make sure the student finds good quality research papers and has given the advice that students are recommended to look at the Academic Journal Guide from the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

All of the research materials I have found are below. Organised into articles from 4-star, 3-star, 2-star and 1 star journals.

Please note that there are also other papers, essays, articles and books which may be very important and useful (for example an essay or dissertation from a University professor which is not itself published in a leading journal but has a list of reference which DOES include articles from leading Journals. For example the dissertation Why Coolness Should Matter to Marketing.pdf (which isunder "Essays & Papers" below) will probably be very useful and the references in this disseration include artlices from recognised, important journals of excellence (e.g. 4 star or 3 star).

Please use your judgement.





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